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The Other Side of Pain

Dr. Mecozzi introduces the reader to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in highly accessible, non-technical prose. Includes discussions of obstacles to distress reduction and steps toward developming a more meaningful life. Learn more...

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Jumping Off the Not So Merry Go Round link

The best practices for preventing abuse and reducing hostile interactions start with your staff. Help them to address the mental, emotional and physical impacts of their work. From the Queen of the Castle to the Cotton Candy Con Artist to Quick Draw McLaw, these vivid pictures and descriptions will spark instant recognition of familiar issues. And, the practical, self-affirming exercises enable each staff person to root out the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that erode healthy interactions. Learn more...

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For medical and disability professionals

Intellectual Disabilities at Your Fingertips Cover

Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Carl Tyler presents Intellectual Disabilities at Your Fingertips, an outstanding medical reference for health care, human services and education professionals. Use this guide for wellness planning, doctor visits, emergency reference and more. Learn more...

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Tom Pomeranz in paperback

The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement 2nd Edition Cover

In this new, improved edition of The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement, Tom Pomeranz describes the old way and the half-way, and offers the very best, most compassionate ways to provide services and supports. Learn to better support valued relationships, dignity, choice, and other essential elements of a life of meaning and abundance. Learn more...

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Creating a Meaningful Day: An Innovative Curriculum for Adults with Significant Intellectual 
        Disabilities (Ad message:Discover a new world of meaning!)

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Abuse and neglect are not inevitable.

In leading an organization or program that serves people with disabilities, your top priority is preventing harm to those you serve and support. This outstanding tool will help you uncover and address the risk factors that are present right now in your organization.

Scanning the Horizon is a practical, internally-driven method that helps you uncover and examine critical data about the people you support, and your paid staff. At your fingertips, you will find:

  • A practical discussion of the challenges you face, by two leaders
    in the field
  • A scale that reveals your staff's valuable, subjective data (based on "gut feelings")
  • 20 objective indicators of issues and concerns, such as involved personal care, fiscal vulnerability, down time and behavioral issues
  • Guidelines for creating the operational definitions that best communicate your organization's priorities
  • A grid for mapping out areas of potential trouble
  • Sample charts and worksheets
  • Dozens of learning and training resources for management
    and staff. Learn more...